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Zombie Driver Download Free PC Game

Zombie Driver Game Review: Zombie Driver 2009 is a car combating computer game. Based in a zombie apocalypse environment, a chemical fiasco caused accidentally due to a secret government project has converted the residents of an entire city into blood-thirsty, dangerous creatures. The gamer must undertake several missions to rescue stranded civilians and in this process slaughter zombies and unlock upgraded vehicles. Zombie Driver is depicted in a top down layout, similar to titles GTA 2. The gamer assume control of one of 8 vehicles. Each vehicle works in similar fashion with regard to weapons, steering and motion, but has different specifications regarding passenger capacity, maneuverability, acceleration, momentum, resistance to damage and top speed. Combat vehicles can be outfitted with a large arsenal of weapons or gear, ranging from  nitro boost to machine guns , which can be found in the world as pickups. Only a single weapon or equipment can be loaded at a time, with current pickups totally replacing the older weapons/gear. Ammunition capacity depends upon the weapon and not affected by the vehicle in use.The game is set in separate areas of a single, unnamed city swept by a zombie outbreak. Zombies are completely hostile towards the player and will attack fiercely and destroy their vehicle using a range of aggressive attacks depending on the particular zombie type. Zombies can be eliminated by ramming the vehicle into them , by using picked up weaponry, or by utilizing limited in-game hazards such as fires or explosives. Hitting the zombies will slow down the vehicle speed, this depends upon the power of the collision. The object in each level is to drive the car through the paths of the city while fulfilling missions. Missions usually consist of clearing zombie infested regions or rescuing survivors from certain locations, all zombies in the designated area must be executed, after which the gamer can stop their car and pick up stranded survivors, then they may be returned to the primary safe house or can stay in the vehicle while the gamer fulfills their aims. The quantity of survivors, both in a single location or throughout
the level, may need multiple trips to rescue the stranded people depending on the vehicle selected for the mission.Post the release of the Zombie Driver 2012 games developer EXOR studios provided continues patches and updates for the game. As of December last year the current version is 1.2.6 and can downloaded from the Zombie Driver official website. A mod termed Darkness Mod can also be obtained from the game's official website. This mod enables the gamers to play the game in the darkness with the lighting from the vehicle's headlights. 

Zombie Driver Horror PC Game Screenshot 5:

Zombie Driver Full Version PC Game Minimum System Requirements:
Windows Operating System XP/Vista
Intel 1.86 GHz Minimum Processor
512 MB Minimum RAM
30 GB Minimum Hard Disk
Graphics Card You May Use minimum 256 MB Graphics Memory
Sound Card Should Be Direct X 9 Compatible
Direct X Version 9.0c

Zombie Driver Full PC Game Recommended System Requirements:
Windows Operating System XP/Vista Latest Version
2.8 Intel Processor You May Use         
1 GB RAM We Recommend
Hard Disk You May Use 40 GB
Graphics Card Highly Recommend 512 MB Graphics Memory
Sound Card You May Use Direct X 9 Compatible
Direct X Version 9.0c
DVD ROM Branded New
Joysticks Controller Recommended For Enjoyments
Broadband Internet Connection At Least 1Mbps

Zombie Driver Free Full Game Download Link:
Download Free Zombie Driver Full Version For PCs


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